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Beautiful Natural Stone Flooring In Carrollton

carrollton natural stone floors

When you are looking for a natural flooring option that is practically guaranteed to bring a new level of style and elegance to your home's interior, natural stone flooring might be just the option you've been searching for. Here at Draper Floors, our team of Carrollton flooring professionals have the skill and experience necessary to help you find the perfect natural stone flooring option for your home, and give you a quality installation that you and your family are sure to love for many years to come. Natural stone floors are highly durable, extremely stylish, and fairly low maintenance, only needed to be resealed once every year or so. There are few flooring options that can deliver the kind of timeless elegance that you get from natural stone flooring, and our team of professionals would be happy to work with you and help you find the option that is going to be the best fit for your home specifically. Here at Draper Floors, we have a wide variety of natural stone floor options for you to choose from, so no matter what kind of design you are trying to create in your home, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will be able to help you accomplish your goals.


carrollton slate floors

Slate flooring has been a particularly popular natural stone flooring option for many years because of its sheer durability and the unique visual aesthetic it can bring to almost any room. Slate flooring comes in a wide variety of different styles and colors that which allow it to enhance just about any home design that you can think of. Once slate flooring has been sealed, the only maintenance it generally requires is just a quick sweep and a mop with plain water every so often, making it an extremely attractive choice for patios, sunrooms, and entryways into your home. Because of its durability and how easy it is to keep clean, slate flooring is quite the popular option for kitchens and bathrooms in your home's interior as well.

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carrollton limestone floors

Limestone flooring is a particularly popular natural stone flooring option for homeowners who love the durability and the ease of maintenance that generally comes with stone, but are also looking for a more rustic look inside their house. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and that helps to give it a worn and rough appearance, and can sometimes even give you different colors within the same stone. Because of its unique appearance, limestone flooring is an extremely popular option among homeowners who are looking for that personalizing touch in their home's design, and want something different than every other homeowner out there.

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carrollton travertine floors

Travertine flooring is a type of natural stone that is composed of a compacted form of limestone that is generally found in rivers and springs, and it is a fairly popular flooring option because of the unique aesthetic that it brings. Travertine flooring is known to have a pitted or honed finish, and will generally have bands of color running through it. It comes in high and low gloss finishes, and provides you with the perfect blend of style and durability for your home's flooring. While they are great for helping you achieve that rustic look for the interior of your home, they can also be utilized outside of your home as well, proving to be a popular option for pool patios and even driveways.

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