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Don’t Let Cold Feet Keep You in Bed, Get Hardwood Floors Instead

It’s another chilly morning when you wake up from your slumber in your Carrollton, Texas home. You yawn and stretch and slap at the alarm clock.

But as your hand reaches out from under the covers, the chilly morning air stabs at your skin. Quickly silencing the alarm, you pull your hand back under the covers, glad for the warmth you’ve generated in your sleep.

You lie there a few moments, dreading the cold room, wishing you had better insulation in the house, hoping by some chance that this time you get out of bed your feet don’t freeze off. But you know it will be the same as it’s always been so you poke your leg out and touch the ground as you pull yourself away from the warm bed.

Even your slippers aren’t helping much with the cold these days. It seems the older we get, the colder we feel. Texas is one of the right choices if you’re more susceptible to the cold than you once were, but still you seem to suffer in your home with a cold floor.

Sooner or later things need to change, you tell yourself. But how, and when? What can you do to make your floor warmer?

Your friends say you should install carpeting because it’s a good insulator and will help your feet get warm, but that might not work well since you have allergy problems. Plus, carpeting is great in a lot of homes, but you just prefer hardwood or stone floors.

Well, today everything is about to change, and for the better for you and your family because you’ve stumbled across our blog post about hardwood floors that can change the entire atmosphere of your chilly home.

Our Hardwood Floor installation pros here at Draper Floors would like to introduce you to a new system that was manufactured for heating up your floor. It can be installed underneath hardwoods and other flooring types.

Radiant floor heating can be installed wherever you want it, in one small section of a room or in the whole house. Other options include installing an additional layer of insulation that goes underneath your hardwood floor.

Wood in general is a pretty good thermal insulator. By adding some radiant heating to your hardwood floor, you will have a floor that is much more comfortable to walk on. Floor heating also will help you with your heating bill.

When the floor is heated, the warmth is generated by radiant heat, which means the materials around the heating elements actually warm up. The warmth then rises to other surfaces and the air, heating as it goes.

Once your new heated hardwood floor is installed, you’ll never ever once again, no not even once have to worry about having cold feet. There will be no more chilly mornings for you to try to avoid, with no more hesitation to hop out of bed when the alarm rings.

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