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A Guide To Vinyl Flooring In Carrollton

When looking at new Carrollton flooring for the house, carpet often springs to mind as the first choice, but often in bathrooms and kitchens it is unsuitable as they are both high traffic areas, that will in the case of the kitchen floor, get things spilt on it regularly, and in the case of the bathroom floor, it will get wet consistently.

So you are faced with using tiles, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. However tiles can feel very cold underfoot first thing in the morning when you typically use both the bathroom and the kitchen. They are very hard wearing and resistant to scratches and staining, however they can be costly to buy and lay down, and can be very slippy when wet.

Laminate flooring is okay for use in a kitchen but not so ideal in a bathroom as it is water resistant rather than waterproof and the water may cause the edges to lift up over time.

So that brings me as to what I feel is a much under looked choice of flooring, and that is vinyl flooring.

Firstly just note it tends to come in two forms, “Off the roll” vinyl, whereby a shop will cut the amount you need off of a larger roll – this form of vinyl is soft and has the advantage in that you can easily fit it yourself using only a tape measure, a straight edge, and a Stanley knife to cut it to size, although care needs to be taken to make sure each cut is perfect. Spend a little time and you should lay it without a problem. The off the roll type does not need to be glued down (Although it can be if you wish to do so), it can simply be laid down loosely on top of your existing floor.

The second form of Carrollton vinyl flooring comes in the form of harder vinyl tiles, and these will need gluing down to the floor, and be aware that whilst this task may sound simple, you will need to ensure that your floor is perfectly level and this may involve screwing plywood down over your floorboards and then pouring self levelling compound over the plywood to ensure that the floor is perfectly level.

You can now buy very high grade vinyl flooring in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, meaning that you should be able to find just the right one to fit in with your application.

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